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Amputation --see also Absence, by site, acquired
    neuroma (postoperative) (traumatic) --see Complications, amputation stump, neuroma
    stump (surgical)
        abnormal, painful, or with complication (late) --see Complications, amputation stump
        healed or old NOS Z89.9
    traumatic (complete) (partial)
        arm (upper) (complete) S48.91-
                elbow S58.01-
                    partial S58.02-
                shoulder joint (complete) S48.01-
                    partial S48.02-
                elbow and wrist (complete) S58.11-
                    partial S58.12-
                shoulder and elbow (complete) S48.11-
                    partial S48.12-
            partial S48.92-
        breast (complete) S28.21-
            partial S28.22-
        clitoris (complete) S38.211
            partial S38.212
        ear (complete) S08.11-
            partial S08.12-
        finger (complete) (metacarpophalangeal) S68.11-
            index S68.11-
            little S68.11-
            middle S68.11-
            partial S68.12-
                index S68.12-
                little S68.12-
                middle S68.12-
                ring S68.12-
            ring S68.11-
            thumb --see Amputation, traumatic, thumb
            transphalangeal (complete) S68.61-
                index S68.61-
                little S68.61-
                middle S68.61-
                partial S68.62-
                    index S68.62-
                    little S68.62-
                    middle S68.62-
                    ring S68.62-
                ring S68.61-
        foot (complete) S98.91-
            at ankle level S98.01-
                partial S98.02-
            midfoot S98.31-
                partial S98.32-
            partial S98.92-
        forearm (complete) S58.91-
            at elbow level (complete) S58.01-
                partial S58.02-
            between elbow and wrist (complete) S58.11-
                partial S58.12-
            partial S58.92-
        genital organ (s) (external)
            female (complete) S38.211
                partial S38.212
                penis (complete) S38.221
                    partial S38.222
                scrotum (complete) S38.231
                    partial S38.232
                testes (complete) S38.231
                    partial S38.232
        hand (complete) (wrist level) S68.41-
            finger alone (s) --see Amputation, traumatic, finger
            partial S68.42-
            thumb alone --see Amputation, traumatic, thumb
            transmetacarpal (complete) S68.71-
                partial S68.72-
            ear --see Amputation, traumatic, ear
            nose (partial) S08.812
                complete S08.811
            part S08.89
                scalp S08.0
        hip (and thigh) (complete) S78.91-
            at hip joint (complete) S78.01-
                partial S78.02-
            between hip and knee (complete) S78.11-
                partial S78.12-
            partial S78.92-
        labium (majus) (minus) (complete) S38.21-
            partial S38.21-
        leg (lower) S88.91-
            at knee level S88.01-
                partial S88.02-
            between knee and ankle S88.11-
                partial S88.12-
            partial S88.92-
        nose (partial) S08.812
            complete S08.811
        penis (complete) S38.221
            partial S38.222
        scrotum (complete) S38.231
            partial S38.232
        shoulder --see Amputation, traumatic, arm
            at shoulder joint --see Amputation, traumatic, arm, at shoulder joint
        testes (complete) S38.231
            partial S38.232
        thigh --see Amputation, traumatic, hip
        thorax, part of S28.1
            breast --see Amputation, traumatic, breast
        thumb (complete) (metacarpophalangeal) S68.01-
            partial S68.02-
            transphalangeal (complete) S68.51-
                partial S68.52-
        toe (lesser) S98.13-
            great S98.11-
                partial S98.12-
            more than one S98.21-
                partial S98.22-
            partial S98.14-
        vulva (complete) S38.211
            partial S38.212