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Hydrocephalus (acquired) (external) (internal) (malignant) (recurrent) G91.9
    aqueduct Sylvius stricture Q03.0
    causing disproportion O33.6
        with obstructed labor O66.3
    communicating G91.0
    congenital (external) (internal) Q03.9
        with spina bifida Q05.4
            cervical Q05.0
            dorsal Q05.1
            lumbar Q05.2
            lumbosacral Q05.2
            sacral Q05.3
            thoracic Q05.1
            thoracolumbar Q05.1
        specified NEC Q03.8
    due to toxoplasmosis (congenital) P37.1
    foramen Magendie block (acquired) G91.1
        congenital --see also Hydrocephalus, congenital Q03.1
    in (due to)
        infectious disease NEC B89 [G91.4]
        neoplastic disease NEC (see also Neoplasm) G91.4
        parasitic disease B89 [G91.4]
    newborn Q03.9
        with spina bifida --see Spina bifida, with hydrocephalus
    noncommunicating G91.1
    normal pressure G91.2
        secondary G91.0
    obstructive G91.1
    otitic G93.2
    post-traumatic NEC G91.3
    secondary G91.4
        post-traumatic G91.3
    specified NEC G91.8
    syphilitic, congenital A50.49