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Hyperplasia, hyperplastic
    adenoids J35.2
    adrenal (capsule) (cortex) (gland) E27.8
            sexual precocity (male) E25.9
                congenital E25.0
            virilism, adrenal E25.9
                congenital E25.0
            virilization (female) E25.9
                congenital E25.0
        congenital E25.0
            salt-losing E25.0
    adrenomedullary E27.5
    angiolymphoid, eosinophilia (ALHE) D18.01
    appendix (lymphoid) K38.0
    artery, fibromuscular I77.3
    bone --see also Hypertrophy, bone
        marrow D75.89
    breast --see also Hypertrophy, breast
        ductal (atypical) N60.9-
    C-cell, thyroid E07.0
    cementation (tooth) (teeth) K03.4
    cervical gland R59.0
    cervix (uteri) (basal cell) (endometrium) (polypoid) --see also Dysplasia, cervix
        congenital Q51.828
    clitoris, congenital Q52.6
    denture K06.2
    endocervicitis N72
    endometrium, endometrial (adenomatous) (benign) (cystic) (glandular) (glandular-cystic) (polypoid) N85.00
        with atypia N85.02
        cervix --see Dysplasia, cervix
        complex (without atypia) N85.01
        simple (without atypia) N85.01
    epithelial L85.9
        focal, oral, including tongue K13.29
        nipple N62
        skin L85.9
        tongue K13.29
        vaginal wall N89.3
    erythroid D75.89
    fibromuscular of artery (carotid) (renal) I77.3
        female NEC N94.89
        male N50.89
    gingiva K06.1
    glandularis cystica uteri (interstitialis) --see also Hyperplasia, endometrial N85.00-
    gum K06.1
    hymen, congenital Q52.4
    irritative, edentulous (alveolar) K06.2
    jaw M26.09
        alveolar M26.79
        lower M26.03
            alveolar M26.72
        upper M26.01
            alveolar M26.71
    kidney (congenital) Q63.3
    labia N90.69
        epithelial N90.3
    liver (congenital) Q44.7
        nodular, focal K76.89
    lymph gland or node R59.9
    mandible, mandibular M26.03
        alveolar M26.72
        unilateral condylar M27.8
    maxilla, maxillary M26.01
        alveolar M26.71
    myometrium, myometrial N85.2
    neuroendocrine cell, of infancy J84.841
        lymphoid J34.89
        polypoid J33.9
    oral mucosa (irritative) K13.6
    organ or site, congenital NEC --see Anomaly, by site
    ovary N83.8
    palate, papillary (irritative) K13.6
    pancreatic islet cells E16.9
        alpha E16.8
            with excess
                gastrin E16.4
                glucagon E16.3
        beta E16.1
    parathyroid (gland) E21.0
    pharynx (lymphoid) J39.2
    prostate (adenofibromatous) (nodular) N40.0
        with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) N40.1
        without lower urinary tract symtpoms (LUTS) N40.0
    renal artery I77.89
    reticulo-endothelial (cell) D75.89
    salivary gland (any) K11.1
    Schimmelbusch's --see Mastopathy, cystic
    suprarenal capsule (gland) E27.8
    thymus (gland) (persistent) E32.0
    thyroid (gland) --see Goiter
    tonsils (faucial) (infective) (lingual) (lymphoid) J35.1
        with adenoids J35.3
    unilateral condylar M27.8
    uterus, uterine N85.2
        endometrium (glandular) --see also Hyperplasia, endometrial N85.00-
    vulva N90.69
        epithelial N90.3