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Hypoglycemia (spontaneous) E16.2
    coma E15
        diabetic --see Diabetes, by type, with hypoglycemia, with coma
    diabetic --see Diabetes, hypoglycemia
    dietary counseling and surveillance Z71.3
    drug-induced E16.0
        with coma (nondiabetic) E15
    due to insulin E16.0
        with coma (nondiabetic) E15
        therapeutic misadventure --see subcategory T38.3
    functional, nonhyperinsulinemic E16.1
    iatrogenic E16.0
        with coma (nondiabetic) E15
    in infant of diabetic mother P70.1
        gestational diabetes P70.0
    infantile E16.1
    leucine-induced E71.19
    neonatal (transitory) P70.4
        iatrogenic P70.3
    reactive (not drug-induced) E16.1
    transitory neonatal P70.4