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Immunization --see also Vaccination
    ABO --see Incompatibility, ABO
        in newborn P55.1
    appropriate for age
        child (over 28 days old) Z00.129
            with abnormal findings Z00.121
    complication --see Complications, vaccination
    encounter for Z23
    not done (not carried out) Z28.9
        because (of)
            acute illness of patient Z28.01
            allergy to vaccine (or component) Z28.04
            caregiver refusal Z28.82
            chronic illness of patient Z28.02
            contraindication NEC Z28.09
            delay in delivery of vaccine Z28.83
            group pressure Z28.1
            guardian refusal Z28.82
            immune compromised state of patient Z28.03
            lack of availability of vaccine Z28.83
            manufacturer delay of vaccine Z28.83
            parent refusal Z28.82
            patient's belief Z28.1
            patient had disease being vaccinated against Z28.81
            patient refusal Z28.21
            religious beliefs of patient Z28.1
            specified reason NEC Z28.89
                of patient Z28.29
            unavailability of vaccine Z28.83
            unspecified patient reason Z28.20
    Rh factor
        affecting management of pregnancy NEC O36.09-
            anti-D antibody O36.01-
        from transfusion --see Complication(s), transfusion, incompatibility reaction, Rh (factor)