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Impaction, impacted
    bowel, colon, rectum --see also Impaction, fecal K56.49
        by gallstone K56.3
    calculus --see Calculus
    cerumen (ear) (external) H61.2-
    cuspid --see Impaction, tooth
    dental (same or adjacent tooth) K01.1
    fecal, feces K56.41
    fracture --see Fracture, by site
    gallbladder --see Calculus, gallbladder
    gallstone (s) --see Calculus, gallbladder
        bile duct (common) (hepatic) --see Calculus, bile duct
        cystic duct --see Calculus, gallbladder
        in intestine, with obstruction (any part) K56.3
    intestine NEC (calculous) --see also Impaction, fecal K56.49
        gallstone, with ileus K56.3
    intrauterine device (IUD) T83.39
    molar --see Impaction, tooth
    shoulder, causing obstructed labor O66.0
    tooth, teeth K01.1
    turbinate J34.89