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Inadequate, inadequacy
    aesthetics of dental restoration K08.56
    biologic, constitutional, functional, or social F60.7
        child R62.50
            after puberty NEC E30.0
                female Q52.8
                    external Q52.79
                    internal Q52.8
                male Q55.8
        lungs Q33.6
            associated with short gestation P28.0
        organ or site not listed --see Anomaly, by site
    diet (causing nutritional deficiency) E63.9
    eating habits Z72.4
    environment, household Z59.1
    family support Z63.8
    food NEC (supply) Z59.4
        hunger effects T73.0
    functional F60.7
    household care, due to
        family member
            handicapped or ill Z74.2
            on vacation Z75.5
            temporarily away from home Z74.2
        technical defects in home Z59.1
        temporary absence from home of person rendering care Z74.2
    housing (heating) (space) Z59.1
    income (financial) Z59.6
    intrafamilial communication Z63.8
    material resources Z59.9
    mental --see Disability, intellectual
    parental supervision or control of child Z62.0
    personality F60.7
        function R06.89
            newborn P28.5
        ventilation, newborn P28.5
    sample of cytologic smear
        anus R85.615
        cervix R87.615
        vagina R87.625
    social F60.7
        insurance Z59.7
        skills NEC Z73.4
    supervision of child by parent Z62.0
    teaching affecting education Z55.8
    welfare support Z59.7