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    female N97.9
        age-related N97.8
        associated with
            anovulation N97.0
            cervical disease or anomaly (mucus) N88.3
            congenital anomaly
                cervix N88.3
                fallopian tube N97.1
                uterus N97.2
                vagina N97.8
            dysmucorrhea N88.3
            fallopian tube disease or anomaly N97.1
            pituitary-hypothalamic origin E23.0
            specified origin NEC N97.8
            Stein-Leventhal syndrome E28.2
            uterine disease or anomaly N97.2
            vaginal disease or anomaly N97.8
        due to
            cervical anomaly N88.3
            fallopian tube anomaly N97.1
            ovarian failure E28.39
            Stein-Leventhal syndrome E28.2
            uterine anomaly N97.2
            vaginal anomaly N97.8
        nonimplantation N97.2
            cervical N88.3
            tubal (block) (occlusion) (stenosis) N97.1
            uterine N97.2
            vaginal N97.8
    male N46.9
        azoospermia N46.01
            extratesticular cause N46.029
                drug therapy N46.021
                efferent duct obstruction N46.023
                infection N46.022
                radiation N46.024
                specified cause NEC N46.029
                systemic disease N46.025
        oligospermia N46.11
            extratesticular cause N46.129
                drug therapy N46.121
                efferent duct obstruction N46.123
                infection N46.122
                radiation N46.124
                specified cause NEC N46.129
                systemic disease N46.125
        specified type NEC N46.8