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Inflammation, inflamed, inflammatory (with exudation)
    abducent (nerve) --see Strabismus, paralytic, sixth nerve
    accessory sinus (chronic) --see Sinusitis
    adrenal (gland) E27.8
    alveoli, teeth M27.3
        scorbutic E54
    anal canal, anus K62.89
    antrum (chronic) --see Sinusitis, maxillary
    appendix --see Appendicitis
    arachnoid --see Meningitis
    areola N61.0
        puerperal, postpartum or gestational --see Infection, nipple
    areolar tissue NOS L08.9
    artery --see Arteritis
    auditory meatus (external) --see Otitis, externa
    Bartholin's gland N75.8
    bile duct or passage (common) (hepatic) --see Cholangitis
    bladder --see Cystitis
    bone --see Osteomyelitis
    brain --see also Encephalitis
        membrane --see Meningitis
    breast N61.0
        puerperal, postpartum, gestational --see Mastitis, obstetric
    broad ligament --see Disease, pelvis, inflammatory
    bronchi --see Bronchitis
    catarrhal J00
    cecum --see Appendicitis
    cerebral --see also Encephalitis
        membrane --see Meningitis
        meningococcal A39.0
    cervix (uteri) --see Cervicitis
    chest J98.8
    chorioretinal H30.9-
        cyclitis --see Cyclitis
        disseminated H30.10-
            generalized H30.13-
            peripheral H30.12-
            posterior pole H30.11-
        epitheliopathy --see Epitheliopathy
        focal H30.00-
            juxtapapillary H30.01-
            macular H30.04-
            paramacular --see Inflammation, chorioretinal, focal, macular
            peripheral H30.03-
            posterior pole H30.02-
        specified type NEC H30.89-
    choroid --see Inflammation, chorioretinal
    chronic, postmastoidectomy cavity --see Complications, postmastoidectomy, inflammation
    colon --see Enteritis
    connective tissue NEC (diffuse) --see Disorder, soft tissue, specified type NEC
    cornea --see Keratitis
    corpora cavernosa N48.29
    cranial nerve --see Disorder, nerve, cranial
    Douglas' cul-de-sac or pouch (chronic) N73.0
    due to device, implant or graft --see also Complications, by site and type, infection or inflammation
        arterial graft T82.7
        breast (implant) T85.79
        catheter T85.79
            dialysis (renal) T82.7
                intraperitoneal T85.71
            infusion T82.7
                cranial T85.735
                intrathecal T85.735
                spinal (epidural) (subdural) T85.735
                subarachnoid T85.735
            urinary T83.518
                cystostomy T83.510
                Hopkins T83.518
                ileostomy T83.518
                nephrostomy T83.512
                specified NEC T83.518
                urethral indwelling T83.511
                urostomy T83.518
        electronic (electrode) (pulse generator) (stimulator)
            bone T84.7
            cardiac T82.7
            nervous system T85.738
                brain T85.731
                cranial nerve T85.732
                gastric nerve T85.732
                neurostimulator generator T85.734
                peripheral nerve T85.732
                sacral nerve T85.732
                spinal cord T85.733
                vagal nerve T85.732
            urinary T83.590
        fixation, internal NEC (orthopedic) --see Complication, fixation device, infection
        gastrointestinal (bile duct) (esophagus) T85.79
            neurostimulator electrode (lead) T85.732
        genital NEC T83.69
        heart NEC T82.7
            valve (prosthesis) T82.6
                graft T82.7
        joint prosthesis --see Complication, joint prosthesis, infection
        ocular NEC (corneal graft) (orbital implant) T85.79
        orthopedic NEC T84.7
        penile (cylinder) (pump) (resevoir) T83.61
        specified NEC T85.79
        testicular T83.62
        urinary NEC T83.598
            ileal conduit stent T83.593
            implanted neurostimulation T83.590
            implanted sphincter T83.591
            indwelling ureteral stent T83.592
            nephroureteral stent T83.593
            specified stent NEC T83.593
        vascular NEC T82.7
        ventricular intracranial shunt (communicating) T85.730
    duodenum K29.80
        with bleeding K29.81
    dura mater --see Meningitis
    ear (middle) --see also Otitis, media
        external --see Otitis, externa
        inner --see subcategory H83.0
    epididymis --see Epididymitis
    esophagus K20.9
    ethmoidal (sinus) (chronic) --see Sinusitis, ethmoidal
    eustachian tube (catarrhal) --see Salpingitis, eustachian
    eyelid H01.9
        abscess --see Abscess, eyelid
        blepharitis --see Blepharitis
        chalazion --see Chalazion
        dermatosis (noninfectious) --see Dermatosis, eyelid
        hordeolum --see Hordeolum
        specified NEC H01.8
    fallopian tube --see Salpingo-oophoritis
    fascia --see Myositis
    follicular, pharynx J31.2
    frontal (sinus) (chronic) --see Sinusitis, frontal
    gallbladder --see Cholecystitis
    gastric --see Gastritis
    gastrointestinal --see Enteritis
    genital organ (internal) (diffuse)
        female --see Disease, pelvis, inflammatory
        male N49.9
            multiple sites N49.8
            specified NEC N49.8
    gland (lymph) --see Lymphadenitis
    glottis --see Laryngitis
    granular, pharynx J31.2
    gum K05.10
        nonplaque induced K05.11
        plaque induced K05.10
    heart --see Carditis
    hepatic duct --see Cholangitis
    ileoanal pouch (internal) K91.850
    ileum --see also Enteritis
        regional or terminal --see Enteritis, regional
    intestine (any part) --see Enteritis
    intestinal pouch K91.850
    jaw (acute) (bone) (chronic) (lower) (suppurative) (upper) M27.2
    joint NEC --see Arthritis
        sacroiliac M46.1
    kidney --see Nephritis
    knee (joint) M13.169
        tuberculous A18.02
    labium (majus) (minus) --see Vulvitis
        gland --see Dacryoadenitis
        passages (duct) (sac) --see also Dacryocystitis
            canaliculitis --see Canaliculitis, lacrimal
    larynx --see Laryngitis
    leg NOS L08.9
    lip K13.0
    liver (capsule) --see also Hepatitis
        chronic K73.9
        suppurative K75.0
    lung (acute) --see also Pneumonia
        chronic J98.4
    lymph gland or node --see Lymphadenitis
    lymphatic vessel --see Lymphangitis
    maxilla, maxillary M27.2
        sinus (chronic) --see Sinusitis, maxillary
    membranes of brain or spinal cord --see Meningitis
    meninges --see Meningitis
    mouth K12.1
    muscle --see Myositis
    myocardium --see Myocarditis
    nasal sinus (chronic) --see Sinusitis
    nasopharynx --see Nasopharyngitis
    navel L08.82
    nerve NEC --see Neuralgia
    nipple N61.0
        puerperal, postpartum or gestational --see Infection, nipple
    nose --see Rhinitis
    oculomotor (nerve) --see Strabismus, paralytic, third nerve
    optic nerve --see Neuritis, optic
    orbit (chronic) H05.10
        acute H05.00
            abscess --see Abscess, orbit
            cellulitis --see Cellulitis, orbit
            osteomyelitis --see Osteomyelitis, orbit
            periostitis --see Periostitis, orbital
            tenonitis --see Tenonitis, eye
        granuloma --see Granuloma, orbit
        myositis --see Myositis, orbital
    ovary --see Salpingo-oophoritis
    oviduct --see Salpingo-oophoritis
    pancreas (acute) --see Pancreatitis
    parametrium N73.0
    parotid region L08.9
    pelvis, female --see Disease, pelvis, inflammatory
    penis (corpora cavernosa) N48.29
    perianal K62.89
    pericardium --see Pericarditis
    perineum (female) (male) L08.9
    perirectal K62.89
    peritoneum --see Peritonitis
    periuterine --see Disease, pelvis, inflammatory
    perivesical --see Cystitis
    petrous bone (acute) (chronic) --see Petrositis
    pharynx (acute) --see Pharyngitis
    pia mater --see Meningitis
    pleura --see Pleurisy
    polyp, colon --see also Polyp, colon, inflammatory K51.40
    prostate --see also Prostatitis
        specified type NEC N41.8
    rectosigmoid --see Rectosigmoiditis
    rectum --see also Proctitis K62.89
    respiratory, upper --see also Infection, respiratory, upper J06.9
        acute, due to radiation J70.0
        chronic, due to external agent --see condition, respiratory, chronic, due to
        due to
            chemicals, gases, fumes or vapors (inhalation) J68.2
            radiation J70.1
    retina --see Chorioretinitis
    retrocecal --see Appendicitis
    retroperitoneal --see Peritonitis
    salivary duct or gland (any) (suppurative) --see Sialoadenitis
    scorbutic, alveoli, teeth E54
    scrotum N49.2
    seminal vesicle --see Vesiculitis
    sigmoid --see Enteritis
    sinus --see Sinusitis
    Skene's duct or gland --see Urethritis
    skin L08.9
    spermatic cord N49.1
    sphenoidal (sinus) --see Sinusitis, sphenoidal
        cord --see Encephalitis
        membrane --see Meningitis
        nerve --see Disorder, nerve
    spine --see Spondylopathy, inflammatory
    spleen (capsule) D73.89
    stomach --see Gastritis
    subcutaneous tissue L08.9
    suprarenal (gland) E27.8
    synovial --see Tenosynovitis
    tendon NEC (sheath) --see Tenosynovitis
    testis --see Orchitis
    throat (acute) --see Pharyngitis
    thymus (gland) E32.8
    thyroid (gland) --see Thyroiditis
    tongue K14.0
    tonsil --see Tonsillitis
    trachea --see Tracheitis
    trochlear (nerve) --see Strabismus, paralytic, fourth nerve
    tubal --see Salpingo-oophoritis
    tuberculous NEC --see Tuberculosis
    tubo-ovarian --see Salpingo-oophoritis
    tunica vaginalis N49.1
    tympanic membrane --see Tympanitis
    umbilicus, umbilical L08.82
    uterine ligament --see Disease, pelvis, inflammatory
    uterus (catarrhal) --see Endometritis
    uveal tract NOS (anterior) --see also Iridocyclitis
        posterior --see Chorioretinitis
    vagina --see Vaginitis
    vas deferens N49.1
    vein --see also Phlebitis
        intracranial or intraspinal (septic) G08
        thrombotic I80.9
            leg --see Phlebitis, leg
            lower extremity --see Phlebitis, leg
    vocal cord J38.3
    vulva --see Vulvitis
    Wharton's duct (suppurative) --see Sialoadenitis