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Insomnia (organic) G47.00
    adjustment F51.02
    adjustment disorder F51.02
    behavioral, of childhood Z73.819
        combined type Z73.812
        limit setting type Z73.811
        sleep-onset association type Z73.810
    childhood Z73.819
    chronic F51.04
        somatized tension F51.04
    conditioned F51.04
    due to
            abuse F10.182
            dependence F10.282
            use F10.982
            abuse F15.182
            dependence F15.282
            use F15.982
        anxiety disorder F51.05
            abuse F15.182
            dependence F15.282
            use F15.982
            abuse F14.182
            dependence F14.282
            use F14.982
        depression F51.05
        drug NEC
            abuse F19.182
            dependence F19.282
            use F19.982
        medical condition G47.01
        mental disorder NEC F51.05
            abuse F11.182
            dependence F11.282
            use F11.982
        psychoactive substance NEC
            abuse F19.182
            dependence F19.282
            use F19.982
        sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic
            abuse F13.182
            dependence F13.282
            use F13.982
        stimulant NEC
            abuse F15.182
            dependence F15.282
            use F15.982
    fatal familial (FFI) A81.83
    idiopathic F51.01
    learned F51.3
    nonorganic origin F51.01
    not due to a substance or known physiological condition F51.01
        specified NEC F51.09
    paradoxical F51.03
    primary F51.01
    psychiatric F51.05
    psychophysiologic F51.04
    related to psychopathology F51.05
    short-term F51.02
    specified NEC G47.09
    stress-related F51.02
    transient F51.02
    without objective findings F51.02