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Keratitis (nodular) (nonulcerative) (simple) (zonular) H16.9
    with ulceration (central) (marginal) (perforated) (ring) --see Ulcer, cornea
    actinic --see Photokeratitis
    arborescens (herpes simplex) B00.52
    areolar H16.11-
    bullosa H16.8
    deep H16.309
        specified type NEC H16.399
    dendritic (a) (herpes simplex) B00.52
    disciform (is) (herpes simplex) B00.52
        varicella B01.81
    filamentary H16.12-
    gonococcal (congenital or prenatal) A54.33
    herpes, herpetic (simplex) B00.52
        zoster B02.33
    in (due to)
        acanthamebiasis B60.13
        adenovirus B30.0
        exanthema --see also Exanthem B09
        herpes virus (simplex) B00.52
        measles B05.81
        syphilis A50.31
        tuberculosis A18.52
        zoster B02.33
    interstitial (nonsyphilitic) H16.30-
        diffuse H16.32-
        herpes, herpetic (simplex) B00.52
            zoster B02.33
        sclerosing H16.33-
        specified type NEC H16.39-
        syphilitic (congenital) (late) A50.31
        tuberculous A18.52
    macular H16.11-
    nummular H16.11-
    oyster shuckers' H16.8
    parenchymatous --see Keratitis, interstitial
    petrificans H16.8
    postmeasles B05.81
        leprosa A30.9 [H16.14-]
        syphilitic (profunda) A50.31
    punctate H16.14-
    purulent H16.8
    rosacea L71.8
    sclerosing H16.33-
    specified type NEC H16.8
    stellate H16.11-
    striate H16.11-
    superficial H16.10-
        with conjunctivitis --see Keratoconjunctivitis
        due to light --see Photokeratitis
    suppurative H16.8
    syphilitic (congenital) (prenatal) A50.31
    trachomatous A71.1
        sequelae B94.0
    tuberculous A18.52
    vesicular H16.8
    xerotic --see also Keratomalacia H16.8
        vitamin A deficiency E50.4