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Lack of
    achievement in school Z55.3
        food Z59.4
        intermaxillary vertical dimension of fully erupted teeth M26.36
        sleep Z72.820
    appetite (see Anorexia) R63.0
    awareness R41.9
        in home Z74.2
        of infant (at or after birth) T76.02
            confirmed T74.02
    cognitive functions R41.9
    coordination R27.9
        ataxia R27.0
        specified type NEC R27.8
    development (physiological) R62.50
        failure to thrive (child over 28 days old) R62.51
            adult R62.7
            newborn P92.6
        short stature R62.52
        specified type NEC R62.59
    energy R53.83
    financial resources Z59.6
    food T73.0
    growth R62.52
    heating Z59.1
    housing (permanent) (temporary) Z59.0
        adequate Z59.1
    learning experiences in childhood Z62.898
    leisure time (affecting life-style) Z73.2
    material resources Z59.9
    memory --see also Amnesia
        mild, following organic brain damage F06.8
    ovulation N97.0
    parental supervision or control of child Z62.0
    person able to render necessary care Z74.2
    physical exercise Z72.3
    play experience in childhood Z62.898
    posterior occlusal support M26.57
    relaxation (affecting life-style) Z73.2
        desire F52.0
        enjoyment F52.1
    shelter Z59.0
    sleep (adequate) Z72.820
    supervision of child by parent Z62.0
    support, posterior occlusal M26.57
    water T73.1