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Leak, leakage
    air NEC J93.82
        postprocedural J95.812
    amniotic fluid --see Rupture, membranes, premature
    blood, fetal, into maternal circulation affecting management of pregnancy (microscopic) --see Pregnancy, complicated by
    cerebrospinal fluid G96.0
        from spinal puncture (lumbar) G97.0
    device, implant or graft --see also Complications, by site and type, mechanical
        arterial graft NEC --see Complication, cardiovascular device, mechanical, vascular
        breast (implant) T85.43
        catheter NEC T85.638
            urinary T83.038
                cystostomy T83.030
                Hopkins T83.038
                ileostomy T83.038
                indwelling T83.031
                nephrostomy T83.032
                specified NEC T83.038
                urostomy T83.038
            dialysis (renal) T82.43
                intraperitoneal T85.631
            infusion NEC T82.534
                spinal (epidural) (subdural) T85.630
        gastrointestinal --see Complications, prosthetic device, mechanical, gastrointestinal device
        genital NEC T83.498
            penile prosthesis (cylinder) (implanted) (pump) (resevoir) T83.490
            testicular prosthesis T83.491
        heart NEC --see Complication, cardiovascular device, mechanical
        joint prosthesis --see Complications, joint prosthesis, mechanical, specified NEC, by site
        ocular NEC --see Complications, prosthetic device, mechanical, ocular device
        orthopedic NEC --see Complication, orthopedic, device, mechanical
        persistent air J93.82
        specified NEC T85.638
        urinary NEC --see also Complication, genitourinary, device, urinary, mechanical
            graft T83.23
        vascular NEC --see Complication, cardiovascular device, mechanical
        ventricular intracranial shunt T85.03
    urine --see Incontinence