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Leukemia, leukemic C95.9-
    acute basophilic C94.8-
    acute bilineal C95.0-
    acute erythroid C94.0-
    acute lymphoblastic C91.0-
    acute megakaryoblastic C94.2-
    acute megakaryocytic C94.2-
    acute mixed lineage C95.0-
    acute monoblastic (monoblastic/monocytic) C93.0-
    acute monocytic (monoblastic/monocytic) C93.0-
    acute myeloblastic (minimal differentiation) (with maturation) C92.0-
    acute myeloid, NOS C92.0-
            11q23-abnormality C92.6-
            dysplasia of remaining hematopoesis and/or myelodysplastic disease in its history C92.A-
            multilineage dysplasia C92.A-
            variation of MLL-gene C92.6-
        M6 (a)(b) C94.0-
        M7 C94.2-
    acute myelomonocytic C92.5-
    acute promyelocytic C92.4-
    adult T-cell (HTLV-1-associated) (acute variant) (chronic variant) (lymphomatoid variant) (smouldering variant) C91.5-
    aggressive NK-cell C94.8-
    AML (1/ETO) (M0) (M1) (M2) (without a FAB classification) C92.0-
    AML M3 C92.4-
    AML M4 (Eo with inv(16) or t(16;16)) C92.5-
    AML M5 C93.0-
    AML M5a C93.0-
    AML M5b C93.0-
    AML Me with t and variants (15;17) C92.4-
    atypical chronic myeloid, BCR/ABL-negative C92.2-
    biphenotypic acute C95.0-
    blast cell C95.0-
    Burkitt-type, mature B-cell C91.A-
    chronic lymphocytic, of B-cell type C91.1-
    chronic monocytic C93.1-
    chronic myelogenous (Philadelphia chromosome (Ph1) positive) (t(9;22)) (q34;q11) (with crisis of blast cells) C92.1-
    chronic myeloid, BCR/ABL-positive C92.1-
        atypical, BCR/ABL-negative C92.2-
    chronic myelomonocytic C93.1-
    chronic neutrophilic D47.1
    CMML (-1) (-2) (with eosinophilia) C93.1-
    granulocytic --see also Category C92 C92.9-
    hairy cell C91.4-
    juvenile myelomonocytic C93.3-
    lymphoid C91.9-
        specified NEC C91.Z-
    mast cell C94.3-
    mature B-cell, Burkitt-type C91.A-
    monocytic (subacute) C93.9-
        specified NEC C93.Z-
    myelogenous --see also Category C92 C92.9-
    myeloid C92.9-
        acute C92.0-
        specified NEC C92.Z-
    plasma cell C90.1-
    plasmacytic C90.1-
        of B-cell type C91.3-
        of T-cell type C91.6-
    specified NEC C94.8-
    stem cell, of unclear lineage C95.0-
    subacute lymphocytic C91.9-
    T-cell large granular lymphocytic C91.Z-
    unspecified cell type C95.9-
        acute C95.0-
        chronic C95.1-