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Loss (of)
    appetite (see Anorexia) R63.0
        hysterical F50.89
        nonorganic origin F50.89
        psychogenic F50.89
    blood --see Hemorrhage
    bone --see Loss, substance of, bone
    control, sphincter, rectum R15.9
        nonorganic origin F98.1
    consciousness, transient R55
        traumatic --see Injury, intracranial
    elasticity, skin R23.4
    family in childhood (member) Z62.898
    fluid (acute) E86.9
    function of labyrinth --see subcategory H83.2
    hair, nonscarring --see Alopecia
    hearing --see also Deafness
        central NOS H90.5
        conductive H90.2
            bilateral H90.0
                    restricted hearing on the contralateral side H90.A1-
                    unrestricted hearing on the contralateral side H90.1-
        mixed conductive and sensorineural hearing loss H90.8
            bilateral H90.6
                    restricted hearing on the contralateral side H90.A3-
                    unrestricted hearing on the contralateral side H90.7-
        neural NOS H90.5
        perceptive NOS H90.5
        sensorineural NOS H90.5
            bilateral H90.3
                    restricted hearing on the contralateral side H90.A2-
                    unrestricted hearing on the contralateral side H90.4-
        sensory NOS H90.5
    height R29.890
    limb or member, traumatic, current --see Amputation, traumatic
    love relationship in childhood Z62.898
    memory --see also Amnesia
        mild, following organic brain damage F06.8
    mind --see Psychosis
    occlusal vertical dimension of fully erupted teeth M26.37
    organ or part --see Absence, by site, acquired
    ossicles, ear (partial) H74.32-
    parent in childhood Z63.4
    pregnancy, recurrent N96
        care in current pregnancy O26.2-
        without current pregnancy N96
    recurrent pregnancy --see Loss, pregnancy, recurrent
    self-esteem, in childhood Z62.898
    sense of
        smell --see Disturbance, sensation, smell
        taste --see Disturbance, sensation, taste
        touch R20.8
    sensory R44.9
        dissociative F44.6
    sexual desire F52.0
    sight (acquired) (complete) (congenital) --see Blindness
    substance of
        bone --see Disorder, bone, density and structure, specified NEC
            horizontal alveolar K06.3
        cartilage --see Disorder, cartilage, specified type NEC
            auricle (ear) --see Disorder, pinna, specified type NEC
        vitreous (humor) H15.89
    tooth, teeth --see Absence, teeth, acquired
    vision, visual H54.7
        both eyes H54.3
        one eye H54.60
            left (normal vision on right) H54.62
            right (normal vision on left) H54.61
        specified as blindness --see Blindness
            sudden H53.13-
            transient H53.12-
    vitreous --see Prolapse, vitreous
    voice --see Aphonia
    weight (abnormal) (cause unknown) R63.4