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    achiever, school Z55.3
    back syndrome M54.5
    basal metabolic rate R94.8
    birthweight (2499 grams or less) P07.10
        with weight of
            1000-1249 grams P07.14
            1250-1499 grams P07.15
            1500-1749 grams P07.16
            1750-1999 grams P07.17
            2000-2499 grams P07.18
        extreme (999 grams or less) P07.00
            with weight of
                499 grams or less P07.01
                500-749 grams P07.02
                750-999 grams P07.03
        for gestational age --see Light for dates
    blood pressure --see also Hypotension
        reading (incidental) (isolated) (nonspecific) R03.1
    cardiac reserve --see Disease, heart
    function --see also Hypofunction
        kidney N28.9
    hematocrit D64.9
    hemoglobin D64.9
    income Z59.6
    level of literacy Z55.0
        kidney N28.89
        organ or site, congenital --see Malposition, congenital
    output syndrome (cardiac) --see Failure, heart
    platelets (blood) --see Thrombocytopenia
    reserve, kidney N28.89
    salt syndrome E87.1
    self esteem R45.81
    set ears Q17.4
    vision H54.2X-
        one eye (other eye normal) H54.50
            left (normal vision on right) H54.52A-
            other eye blind --see Blindness
            right (normal vision on left) H54.511-