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Lymphadenitis I88.9
    with ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.0
    acute L04.9
        axilla L04.2
        face L04.0
        head L04.0
        hip L04.3
            lower L04.3
            upper L04.2
        neck L04.0
        shoulder L04.2
        specified site NEC L04.8
        trunk L04.1
    anthracosis (occupational) J60
    any site, except mesenteric I88.9
        chronic I88.1
        subacute I88.1
        gestational --see Mastitis, obstetric
        puerperal, postpartum (nonpurulent) O91.22
    chancroidal (congenital) A57
    chronic I88.1
        mesenteric I88.0
    due to
        Brugia (malayi) B74.1
            timori B74.2
        chlamydial lymphogranuloma A55
        diphtheria (toxin) A36.89
        lymphogranuloma venereum A55
        Wuchereria bancrofti B74.0
    following ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.0
    gonorrheal A54.89
    infective --see Lymphadenitis, acute
    mesenteric (acute) (chronic) (nonspecific) (subacute) I88.0
        due to Salmonella typhi A01.09
        tuberculous A18.39
    mycobacterial A31.8
    purulent --see Lymphadenitis, acute
    pyogenic --see Lymphadenitis, acute
    regional, nonbacterial I88.8
    septic --see Lymphadenitis, acute
    subacute, unspecified site I88.1
    suppurative --see Lymphadenitis, acute
    syphilitic (early) (secondary) A51.49
        late A52.79
    tuberculous --see Tuberculosis, lymph gland
    venereal (chlamydial) A55