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Lymphoma (of) (malignant) C85.90
    adult T-cell (HTLV-1-associated) (acute variant) (chronic variant) (lymphomatoid variant) (smouldering variant) C91.5-
    anaplastic large cell
        ALK-negative C84.7-
        ALK-positive C84.6-
        CD30-positive C84.6-
        primary cutaneous C86.6
    angioimmunoblastic T-cell C86.5
    BALT C88.4
    B-cell C85.1-
    B-precursor C83.5-
    blastic NK-cell C86.4
    blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm (BPDCN) C86.4
    bronchial-associated lymphoid tissue [BALT-lymphoma] C88.4
    Burkitt (atypical) C83.7-
    Burkitt-like C83.7-
    centrocytic C83.1-
    cutaneous follicle center C82.6-
    cutaneous T-cell C84.A-
    diffuse follicle center C82.5-
    diffuse large cell C83.3-
        anaplastic C83.3-
        B-cell C83.3-
        CD30-positive C83.3-
        centroblastic C83.3-
        immunoblastic C83.3-
        plasmablastic C83.3-
        subtype not specified C83.3-
        T-cell rich C83.3-
    enteropathy-type T-cell (associated) (intestinal) C86.2
    extranodal NK/T-cell, nasal type C86.0
    extranodal marginal zone B-cell lymphoma of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue [MALT-lymphoma] C88.4
    follicular C82.9-
            I C82.0-
            II C82.1-
            III C82.2-
            IIIa C82.3-
            IIIb C82.4-
        specified NEC C82.8-
    hepatosplenic T-cell (alpha-beta) (gamma-delta) C86.1
    histiocytic C85.9-
        true C96.A
    Hodgkin C81.9
        lymphocyte-rich (classical) C81.4-
        lymphocyte depleted (classical) C81.3-
        mixed cellularity (classical) C81.2-
        nodular sclerosis (classical) C81.1-
        specified NEC (classical) C81.7-
        lymphocyte-rich classical C81.4-
        lymphocyte depleted classical C81.3-
        mixed cellularity classical C81.2-
            lymphocyte predominant C81.0-
            sclerosis (classical) C81.1-
    intravascular large B-cell C83.8-
    Lennert's C84.4-
    lymphoblastic B-cell C83.5-
    lymphoblastic (diffuse) C83.5-
    lymphoblastic T-cell C83.5-
    lymphoepithelioid C84.4-
    lymphoplasmacytic C83.0-
        with IgM-production C88.0
    MALT C88.4
    mantle cell C83.1-
    mature T-cell NEC C84.4-
    mature T/NK-cell C84.9-
        specified NEC C84.Z-
    mediastinal large B-cell (thymic) C85.2-
    Mediterranean C88.3
    mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue [MALT-lymphoma] C88.4
    NK/T cell C84.9-
    nodal marginal zone C83.0-
    non-follicular (diffuse) C83.9-
        specified NEC C83.8-
    non-Hodgkin --see also Lymphoma, by type C85.9-
        specified NEC C85.8-
    non-leukemic variant of B-CLL C83.0-
    peripheral T-cell, not classified C84.4-
    primary cutaneous
        anaplastic large cell C86.6
        CD30-positive large T-cell C86.6
    primary effusion B-cell C83.8-
    SALT C88.4
    skin-associated lymphoid tissue [SALT-lymphoma] C88.4
    small cell B-cell C83.0-
    splenic marginal zone C83.0-
    subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell C86.3
    T-precursor C83.5-
    true histiocytic C96.A