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Aplasia --see also Agenesis
    abdominal muscle syndrome Q79.4
    alveolar process (acquired) --see Anomaly, alveolar
        congenital Q38.6
    aorta (congenital) Q25.41
    axialis extracorticalis (congenita) E75.29
    bone marrow (myeloid) D61.9
        congenital D61.01
    brain Q00.0
        part of Q04.3
    bronchus Q32.4
    cementum K00.4
    cerebellum Q04.3
    cervix (congenital) Q51.5
    congenital pure red cell D61.01
    corpus callosum Q04.0
    cutis congenita Q84.8
    erythrocyte congenital D61.01
    extracortical axial E75.29
    eye Q11.1
    fovea centralis (congenital) Q14.1
    gallbladder, congenital Q44.0
    iris Q13.1
    labyrinth, membranous Q16.5
    limb (congenital) Q73.8
        lower --see Defect, reduction, lower limb
        upper --see Agenesis, arm
    lung, congenital (bilateral) (unilateral) Q33.3
    pancreas Q45.0
    parathyroid-thymic D82.1
    Pelizaeus-Merzbacher E75.29
    penis Q55.5
    prostate Q55.4
    red cell (with thymoma) D60.9
        acquired D60.9
            due to drugs D60.9
        adult D60.9
        chronic D60.0
        congenital D61.01
        constitutional D61.01
        due to drugs D60.9
        hereditary D61.01
        of infants D61.01
        primary D61.01
        pure D61.01
            due to drugs D60.9
        specified type NEC D60.8
        transient D60.1
    round ligament Q52.8
    skin Q84.8
    spermatic cord Q55.4
    spleen Q89.01
    testicle Q55.0
    thymic, with immunodeficiency D82.1
    thyroid (congenital) (with myxedema) E03.1
    uterus Q51.0
    ventral horn cell Q06.1