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Arrest, arrested
    cardiac I46.9
            abortion --see Abortion, by type, complicated by, cardiac arrest
            anesthesia or other sedation (general) (local) --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug,
                in labor and delivery O74.2
                in pregnancy O29.11-
                postpartum, puerperal O89.1
            delivery (cesarean) (instrumental) O75.4
        due to
            cardiac condition I46.2
            specified condition NEC I46.8
        intraoperative I97.71-
        newborn P29.81
        personal history, successfully resuscitated Z86.74
        postprocedural I97.12-
            obstetric procedure O75.4
    cardiorespiratory --see Arrest, cardiac
    circulatory --see Arrest, cardiac
    deep transverse O64.0
    development or growth
        bone --see Disorder, bone, development or growth
        child R62.50
        tracheal rings Q32.1
            femur M89.15-
            humerus M89.12-
            tibia M89.16-
            ulna M89.13-
        forearm M89.13-
            specified NEC M89.13-
            ulna --see Arrest, epiphyseal, by type, ulna
        lower leg M89.16-
            specified NEC M89.168
            tibia --see Arrest, epiphyseal, by type, tibia
            femur M89.15-
            humerus M89.12-
            tibia M89.16-
            ulna M89.13-
        specified NEC M89.18
    granulopoiesis --see Agranulocytosis
    growth plate --see Arrest, epiphyseal
    heart --see Arrest, cardiac
    legal, anxiety concerning Z65.3
    physeal --see Arrest, epiphyseal
    respiratory R09.2
        newborn P28.81
    sinus I45.5
    spermatogenesis (complete) --see Azoospermia
        incomplete --see Oligospermia
    transverse (deep) O64.0