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Ataxia, ataxy, ataxic R27.0
    acute R27.8
    brain (hereditary) G11.9
    cerebellar (hereditary) G11.9
        with defective DNA repair G11.3
        alcoholic G31.2
        early-onset G11.1
            alcoholism G31.2
            myxedema E03.9 [G13.2]
            neoplastic disease --see also Neoplasm D49.9 [G32.81]
            specified disease NEC G32.81
        late-onset (Marie's) G11.2
    cerebral (hereditary) G11.9
    congenital nonprogressive G11.0
    family, familial --see Ataxia, hereditary
        cerebrovascular disease I69.993
            cerebral infarction I69.393
            intracerebral hemorrhage I69.193
            nontraumatic intracranial hemorrhage NEC I69.293
            specified disease NEC I69.893
            subarachnoid hemorrhage I69.093
    Friedreich's (heredofamilial) (cerebellar) (spinal) G11.1
    gait R26.0
        hysterical F44.4
    general R27.8
    gluten M35.9 [G32.81]
        with celiac disease K90.0 [G32.81]
    hereditary G11.9
        with neuropathy G60.2
        cerebellar --see Ataxia, cerebellar
        spastic G11.4
        specified NEC G11.8
        spinal (Friedreich's) G11.1
    heredofamilial --see Ataxia, hereditary
    Hunt's G11.1
    hysterical F44.4
    locomotor (progressive) (syphilitic) (partial) (spastic) A52.11
        diabetic --see Diabetes, ataxia
    Marie's (cerebellar) (heredofamilial) (late- onset) G11.2
    nonorganic origin F44.4
    nonprogressive, congenital G11.0
    psychogenic F44.4
    Roussy-Lévy G60.0
    Sanger-Brown's (hereditary) G11.2
    spastic hereditary G11.4
        hereditary (Friedreich's) G11.1
        progressive (syphilitic) A52.11
    spinocerebellar, X-linked recessive G11.1
    telangiectasia (Louis-Bar) G11.3