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        adult Z72.811
        child or adolescent Z72.810
    disorder, disturbance --see Disorder, conduct
    disruptive --see Disorder, conduct
    drug seeking Z76.5
    inexplicable R46.2
    marked evasiveness R46.5
    obsessive-compulsive R46.81
    overactivity R46.3
    poor responsiveness R46.4
    self-damaging (life-style) Z72.89
    sleep-incompatible Z72.821
    slowness R46.4
    specified NEC R46.89
    strange (and inexplicable) R46.2
    suspiciousness R46.5
    type A pattern Z73.1
    undue concern or preoccupation with stressful events R46.6
    verbosity and circumstantial detail obscuring reason for contact R46.7