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    complications in mother --see Delivery, complicated
    compression during NOS P15.9
    defect --see Anomaly
    immature (less than 37 completed weeks) --see Preterm, newborn
        extremely (less than 28 completed weeks) --see Immaturity, extreme
    inattention, at or after --see Maltreatment, child, neglect
    injury NOS P15.9
        basal ganglia P11.1
        brachial plexus NEC P14.3
        brain (compression) (pressure) P11.2
        central nervous system NOS P11.9
        cerebellum P11.1
        cerebral hemorrhage P10.1
        external genitalia P15.5
        eye P15.3
        face P15.4
            bone P13.9
                specified NEC P13.8
            clavicle P13.4
            femur P13.2
            humerus P13.3
            long bone, except femur P13.3
            radius and ulna P13.3
            skull P13.0
            spine P11.5
            tibia and fibula P13.3
        intracranial P11.2
            laceration or hemorrhage P10.9
                specified NEC P10.8
        intraventricular hemorrhage P10.2
            brain P10.1
            by scalpel P15.8
            peripheral nerve P14.9
        liver P15.0
            brain P11.1
            spinal cord P11.5
            brachial plexus P14.3
            cranial NEC (except facial) P11.4
            facial P11.3
            peripheral P14.9
            phrenic (paralysis) P14.2
            facial nerve P11.3
            spinal P11.5
        penis P15.5
            spinal cord P11.5
        scalp P12.9
        scalpel wound P15.8
        scrotum P15.5
        skull NEC P13.1
            fracture P13.0
        specified type NEC P15.8
        spinal cord P11.5
        spine P11.5
        spleen P15.1
        sternomastoid (hematoma) P15.2
        subarachnoid hemorrhage P10.3
        subcutaneous fat necrosis P15.6
        subdural hemorrhage P10.0
        tentorial tear P10.4
        testes P15.5
        vulva P15.5
    lack of care, at or after --see Maltreatment, child, neglect
    neglect, at or after --see Maltreatment, child, neglect
    palsy or paralysis, newborn, NOS (birth injury) P14.9
    premature (infant) --see Preterm, newborn
    shock, newborn P96.89
    trauma --see Birth, injury
        low (2499 grams or less) --see Low, birthweight
            extremely (999 grams or less) --see Low, birthweight, extreme
        4000 grams to 4499 grams P08.1
        4500 grams or more P08.0