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Bleeding --see also Hemorrhage
    anal K62.5
    anovulatory N97.0
    atonic, following delivery O72.1
    capillary I78.8
        puerperal O72.2
    contact (postcoital) N93.0
    due to uterine subinvolution N85.3
    ear --see Otorrhagia
    excessive, associated with menopausal onset N92.4
    familial --see Defect, coagulation
    following intercourse N93.0
    gastrointestinal K92.2
    hemorrhoids --see Hemorrhoids
    intermenstrual (regular) N92.3
        irregular N92.1
    intraoperative --see Complication, intraoperative, hemorrhage
    irregular N92.6
    menopausal N92.4
    newborn, intraventricular --see Newborn, affected by, hemorrhage, intraventricular
    nipple N64.59
    nose R04.0
    ovulation N92.3
    postclimacteric N95.0
    postcoital N93.0
    postmenopausal N95.0
    postoperative --see Complication, postprocedural, hemorrhage
    preclimacteric N92.4
    pre-pubertal vaginal N93.1
    puberty (excessive, with onset of menstrual periods) N92.2
    rectum, rectal K62.5
        newborn P54.2
    tendencies --see Defect, coagulation
    throat R04.1
    tooth socket (post-extraction) K91.840
    umbilical stump P51.9
    uterus, uterine NEC N93.9
        climacteric N92.4
        dysfunctional or functional N93.8
        menopausal N92.4
        preclimacteric or premenopausal N92.4
        unrelated to menstrual cycle N93.9
    vagina, vaginal (abnormal) N93.9
        dysfunctional or functional N93.8
        newborn P54.6
        pre-pubertal N93.1
    vicarious N94.89