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Blindness (acquired) (congenital) (both eyes) H54.0X-
    blast S05.8X-
    color --see Deficiency, color vision
    concussion S05.8X-
    cortical H47.619
        left brain H47.612
        right brain H47.611
    day H53.11
    due to injury (current episode) S05.9-
        sequelae -- code to injury with seventh character S
    eclipse (total) --see Retinopathy, solar
    emotional (hysterical) F44.6
    face H53.16
    hysterical F44.6
    legal (both eyes) (USA definition) H54.8
    mind R48.8
    night H53.60
        abnormal dark adaptation curve H53.61
        acquired H53.62
        congenital H53.63
        specified type NEC H53.69
        vitamin A deficiency E50.5
    one eye (other eye normal) H54.40
        left (normal vision on right) H54.42-
            low vision on right H54.12-
        low vision, other eye H54.10
        right (normal vision on left) H54.41-
            low vision on left H54.11-
    psychic R48.8
    river B73.01
    snow --see Photokeratitis
    sun, solar --see Retinopathy, solar
    transient --see Disturbance, vision, subjective, loss, transient
    traumatic (current episode) S05.9-
    word (developmental) F81.0
        acquired R48.0
        secondary to organic lesion R48.0