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    constituents, abnormal R78.9
    disease D75.9
    donor --see Donor, blood
    dyscrasia D75.9
            abortion --see Abortion, by type, complicated by, hemorrhage
            ectopic pregnancy O08.1
            molar pregnancy O08.1
        following ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.1
        newborn P61.9
        puerperal, postpartum O72.3
    flukes NEC --see Schistosomiasis
        feces K92.1
            occult R19.5
        urine --see Hematuria
    mole O02.0
    occult in feces R19.5
        decreased, due to shock following injury T79.4
        examination only Z01.30
        fluctuating I99.8
        high --see Hypertension
            borderline R03.0
            incidental reading, without diagnosis of hypertension R03.0
        low --see also Hypotension
            incidental reading, without diagnosis of hypotension R03.1
    spitting --see Hemoptysis
    staining cornea --see Pigmentation, cornea, stromal
        reaction or complication --see Complications, transfusion
        A (Rh positive) Z67.10
            Rh negative Z67.11
        AB (Rh positive) Z67.30
            Rh negative Z67.31
        B (Rh positive) Z67.20
            Rh negative Z67.21
        O (Rh positive) Z67.40
            Rh negative Z67.41
        Rh (positive) Z67.90
            negative Z67.91
    vessel rupture --see Hemorrhage
    vomiting --see Hematemesis