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Body, bodies
    Aschoff's --see Myocarditis, rheumatic
    asteroid, vitreous --see Deposit, crystalline
    cytoid (retina) --see Occlusion, artery, retina
    drusen (degenerative) (macula) (retinal) --see also Degeneration, macula, drusen
        optic disc --see Drusen, optic disc
    foreign --see Foreign body
        joint, except knee --see Loose, body, joint
            knee M23.4-
        sheath, tendon --see Disorder, tendon, specified type NEC
    mass index (BMI)
            19.9 or less Z68.1
            20.0-20.9 Z68.20
            21.0-21.9 Z68.21
            22.0-22.9 Z68.22
            23.0-23.9 Z68.23
            24.0-24.9 Z68.24
            25.0-25.9 Z68.25
            26.0-26.9 Z68.26
            27.0-27.9 Z68.27
            28.0-28.9 Z68.28
            29.0-29.9 Z68.29
            30.0-30.9 Z68.30
            31.0-31.9 Z68.31
            32.0-32.9 Z68.32
            33.0-33.9 Z68.33
            34.0-34.9 Z68.34
            35.0-35.9 Z68.35
            36.0-36.9 Z68.36
            37.0-37.9 Z68.37
            38.0-38.9 Z68.38
            39.0-39.9 Z68.39
            40.0-44.9 Z68.41
            45.0-49.9 Z68.42
            50.0-59.9 Z68.43
            60.0-69.9 Z68.44
            70 and over Z68.45
            5th percentile to less than 85th percentile for age Z68.52
            85th percentile to less than 95th percentile for age Z68.53
            greater than or equal to ninety-fifth percentile for age Z68.54
            less than fifth percentile for age Z68.51
    Mooser's A75.2
    rice --see also Loose, body, joint
        knee M23.4-
    rocking F98.4